Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
0.5 TBD
0.4.1 7/25/2008
0.4 7/02/2008

Release 0.5 - TBD

Type Changes By
update Better geocoding support jliang
fix fixed NPE when encounter invalid zip code jliang
add Added support for geocoding counties jliang

Release 0.4.1 - 7/25/2008

Type Changes By
update Use EnumhMap to store parsed compoents instead of HashMap jliang
fix Close a couple of unclosed BufferedReaders jliang
fix Enhanced parser with additional street designators jliang

Release 0.4 - 7/02/2008

Type Changes By
update Parsing logics enhancements jliang
add State name auto correction jliang
add Added city name alias resolver jliang
update Performance improvement of parser jliang