Where do I find more documentations and references?
Documentations are lacking currently because the project is being actively developed. The good news is that JGeocoder has a very simple API so if you read and understand everything on this site, you should have no problems using JGecoder.

Some documentations are available at

Where do I get more supports?
It's an opened source project, so only communiti support is available. Use our user mailing list at jgeocoder-users.


Where do I get data?
You can download it from our sourceforge download page, or you can load the data yourself to a schema that is compatible with JGeocoder. See Data Import page for more details.

How accurate/recent are JGeocoder's data?
The current releases use Tiger/Line 2006 Second Edition data from US census bureau.


The parser is not able to parse addresses 'XXX XXX...'
No address parsers are perfect, JGeocoder has a very good parser judging based from my experiences with the parsers in other geocoders. If you think your addresses are reasonably formatted and should be parsable, tell us about them. The more feedbacks we receive, the better we will be able to adjust the parser to cover more corner cases.

Can the parser parses non-US addresses?
No, JGeocoder only supports US addresses at this moment.